A turnkey solution for bundling and upselling your ecommerce apparel.
Mannequin Stylist
Your customers are shopping for outfits, not items
Why sell one item when you could be selling several more and ensuring more satisfaction for your shoppers?

Mannequin Stylist plugs directly into your backend to curate completed outfits with the eye of a fashion house vet.
What will you get?
No need to hire a stylist and agonize over the creative process. Mannequin Stylist’s cutting-edge technology has been trained to the highest standards in the fashion industry and rivals any expert from Vegas to Versace.
Runway ready looks
Don’t limit your customers' options, constantly inspire their imaginations.
Unlimited combinations
  • Style
  • Season
  • Color palette
  • Number of pieces in the look
  • Size and fit
Powerful filters for better results
Clear out the back of your catalog with fully customizable item appearance rates; push your customers what you want GONE.
Looks for specific items
One-click checkout; For your customers the process is as easy as buying one item, but you’re selling them six.
Full integration with your shopping cart
Easy Integration into your ecommerce platform with native API and Small JS snippet code
Give us the size of your catalog, your monthly users, and the inspiration behind your brand.
Let us handle the rest.
No matter your business size, we've got a plan for you
We’re ready if you are.