Mannequin Synthetics

Mannequin Synthetics is a state of the art machine learning technologythat creates purely digital humans that look identical to real models wearing real apparel from real shoots.

Product 0

One of

Our technology is best in class.We are the cutting edge. Let us show you why.



Support for Male and Female models

Fully customizable; pop punk or runway, whatever look you can imagine.

Product 1 Product 11


Synthetics quality is indistinguishable from real humans

Product 2 Product 21


Fully customizable parameters

  • Ethnicity

  • Facial expressions

  • Hair styles

  • Hair color

  • Body type

Product 3 Product 31 Product 32


100s of poses and infinite backgrounds supported

Relaxed or formal, front facing or reclined, our technology allows for a blend to keep your storefront looking fresh.

Product 4 Product 41

use cases

Why do you care?

Here are some ideas for the fashion and apparel industries.

Expansion of model diversity

Never book another flight. Never worry about finding a face you fear is only in your imagination. Instead of scouting for different models for your photoshoots, create them from the comfort of your office (or home).

Cutting costs on human models

You’ll never need to deal with a lookbook or catalog again; one model, if any, is all you’ll ever need. Mannequin Synthetics will create dozens of digital models on photos with your only human model.

Owning image rights forever

The Synthetics you choose to use are YOURS. You’ll always have the sole rights to the IP within your photos, and it’s easy to relaunch old looks with new faces.


How does it work?


Work 1

First, you need to have a photo taken (source photo) on a real human model or mannequin.


Work 2

Second, Mannequin Synthetics identifies the apparel and the human in the photo.


Work 3

Third, Mannequin Synthetics creates a digital model and blends it nicely with the apparel in the photo.

That’s not all. What if you didn’t need any staff whatsoever? What if your photoshooting process could be fully automatic, or fully remote? Imagine never having to talk to a union rep again.

near future

Welcome to the future

Mannequin Production

Automatic photoshooting stage equipped with a Mannequin Robot,industrial-grade lights and cameras, and connected to Mannequin Synthetics.

Product 0


Dress the robot as desired


Adjust the robot to the proper proportions and poses


Take the pictures


Mannequin Synthetics takes the images and generates storefront ready photographs of “real” humans wearing your apparel

What will you get?

just one person to operate

no need for human models

no need for stylists

no need for photographers

half the cost

a fraction of your efforts

superior results

available 24/7

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