Virtual Production
For brands showcasing their apparel in 3D lookbooks but lacking it shown on models.
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Still putting yourself through painstaking photoshoots?
Showcasing your apparel in 3D instead of placing it on a model?
Virtual Production
If you design your apparel in 3D, this product is for you. It converts your 3D assets into runway grade 2D pictures of models wearing your assets. The good part is there is no photoshooting involved AT ALL.
in a nutshell
This is how it works
Send us your 3D assets or upload them into our system along with necessary instructions.
We put your 3D assets on a virtual dummy, set the proportions, lighting etc.
Then we take virtual pictures, our AI replaces the mannequin in the pictures with photorealistic synthetics, and you get the runway ready photographs.
What’s in it for you
Showcase your 3D apparel on digital models that look like your wildest dream
Increase conversions into sales thanks to showing your apparel on models
Customize your models to complement the look
And don't forget, you have the opportunity to create multiple digital models
of any ethnicity, hair style, hair color, eys, etc. based on just one source photo of the mannequin.
Get in touch. We are ready to show you the future.